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The Law firm of Attorney Christian A. Straile, LLC was founded by Christian A. Straile to provide legal counsel and representation in Florida State Courts throughout Florida including the cities of Gainesville, Ocala, Starke, Lake City and the surrounding areas.

The firm handles all traffic related cases including automobile accidents, traffic tickets, DUI and other criminal traffic matters. The firm handles all levels of criminal cases (except death penalty), violations of probationdomestic violence matters whether the case is criminal or an injunction as well as other family law cases such as divorce, paternity, custody, time sharing or modifications.  For more information please visit the blog.

A situation that leads a person to seek out a lawyer practicing criminal defense, traffic defense, domestic violence and divorce is never pleasant. We understand that your case is probably the most stressful thing in your life, as it is for all of our clients. We believe in being accessible, available and approachable; each client is different. Therefore, when we handle your case, we try to provide a unique approach in order to tailor to the client's specific needs and goals. We will work to protect the client's rights and best interests; even if that means taking the case to trial.

Ocala Criminal Attorney


Gainesville Criminal Attorney

For the case to be concluded in the best possible manner there must be a commitment to putting in the time necessary to be more prepared than anyone else. We work collaboratively with our clients and a team of expert professionals, if need be, to conduct the most thorough investigation possible so that every detail is noted. Whether the case involves an accusation of a criminal, traffic, domestic violence or family law issue we try to examine every option to work towards a successful conclusion for the case. You will always know that everything that can be done to help your case will be done.

There is a flexible appointment schedule and the firm offers free consultations for all criminal and traffic matters. Telephones are answered by a person 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please click, call or fill out the form to see how we can help make your life or situation better. Abogado Straile Habla Español.