Family Law

The scope of the firm's family practice also includes criminal defense, and injunctions in addition to divorce and family law. If you need a lawyer experienced in Gainesville or Ocala to handle your divorce, domestic violence injunction, or other injunction for protection (also called order of protection or restraining order), domestic battery or other family law matter contact Attorney Christian A. Straile to set up a consultation. The firm does charge a consultation fee in divorce/paternity/custody matters (not criminal).

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Family law matters can be some of the most wonderful or the most stressful experiences people face, whether a relationship is beginning or ending or somewhere in between. Family law, unlike any other area of law, is an extremely personal field. People will have to share or face their deepest secrets, fears and hopes. A family attorney should not only defend the best interests of the client, but guard the trust they place in the Family Lawyer and think about any minor children.

Representation is available for either party in a divorce, paternity or injunction case, from child support to defending those accused of sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence and repeat violence offenders. The experience in criminal law, injunctions and the court system can provide a unique understanding of how to build a solid and effective case.

Whether someone needs to start a new lawsuit for paternity/divorce/injunction, or has been or is about to be served a divorce/paternity/injunction, or has been accused of domestic violence or domestic battery, we can help.  Please click, call or fill out the form to set a consultation, all information will be kept confidential and and we could never consult with or be hired by the other party.  Abogado Straile Habla Español.