Strong Advocacy After A Vehicle Accident

Driver safety instructors rightly say that the term "car accident" is often a misnomer. After all, the causes of most crashes have something to do with driver negligence. In that sense, they aren't really accidents.

If you have been harmed by vehicle crash, it is therefore only fair to want proper compensation. At the law firm of Attorney Christian A. Straile, LLC, I can help you hold the responsible parties accountable.

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What Happened To Cause Your Injuries?

Whatever we call them - car accidents or car crashes - they can be devastating to those who experienced them. In Florida alone, in 2014, there were nearly 2,500 deaths in car crashes. And there were many thousands of other crashes involving serious injuries.

Our law firm handles a full range of car crash cases, helping clients pursue full and fair compensation for their injuries. This includes:

  • Distracted driving accidents - Texting and other device use create a menace on the roads. We stand ready to advocate for you after a crash caused by any form of distraction.
  • Impaired driving accidents - Alcohol and drugs (both legal and illegal) can result in impaired driving crashes. Our law firm knows how to represent your best interests.
  • Truck accidents

Many car accident cases involve insurance issues. Our law firm has experience in dealing with insurance adjuster and others to resolve these issues.

Sometimes it makes sense for our clients to settle a case for a reasonable offer. But we also have the ability to take a case to trial with confidence, if that is the best way to advance your position.

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