Gainesville and Ocala Criminal & Traffic Law Attorney

Traffic Ticket, DUI, Criminal, Domestic Violence & Automobile Accident Lawyer

The law firm of Attorney Christian A. Straile handles cases in Gainesville, Ocala and all of North Central Florida. To learn more about how to get help and hire a lawyer, contact the firm today by calling 877-219-1875.

Concentrating in legal matters of:

  • DUI by drugs or alcohol
  • Traffic Violations and Driver's License Issues. Minor traffic tickets add up and can result in fines, fees and points added to your driving record.
  • Criminal traffic law - A criminal traffic infraction can increase your insurance rates substantially. Get help to fight these violations.
  • Speeding tickets - Don't just accept a ticket, you have rights, use them!
  • Automobile Accidents
  • Violation of probation — If you have been charged with violation of probation, penalties can be steep. Do not go into court without a lawyer.
  • Domestic violence - Whether criminal charges or injunction, divorce or all of the above. Representing petitioners and respondents in matters of protective orders or inunctions. If you were served with a protective order, get a lawyer to work to clear your name.
  • Marijuana - Whether the charge is for possession or delivery, penalties can be severe.
  • Drug crimes and offenses of all kinds, trafficking, manufactures, delivery, cultivation, sales, conspiracy and possession.
  • Theft - If you were charged with petty theft or grand theft, you have rights, protect them.
  • CDL — Commercial Driver's License — Traffic violations can be a huge detriment to commercial drivers. Invest in a lawyer to keep your driving record clean by fighting your traffic ticket.
  • Violations of University of Florida student conduct code — legal counsel on how to proceed if you were accused of a student conduct code violation.
  • Bond law - help you during the forfeiture process if you have placed bond on a defendant who failed to show in court or if you are a defendant who missed court and has an open warrant.

The goal is to protect your rights and best interests by examining every option to work towards a successful conclusion for your case. You will always know that everything that can be done to help your case will be done including taking a case through trial. Click, call 877-219-1875, or fill out the form to learn how we can help.