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Where's Waldo? Traffic Ticket Defense in Waldo Florida

Waldo, Florida is located in Alachua County along US Highway 301. Many people and AAA feel that Waldo is a speed trap. Although the signage has improved in recent years, the speed changes frequently and the school zone in Waldo from US 301 Southbound onto SR-24 is difficult to manage, especially if you are not from here. Many people from out of state call my office after receiving a traffic citation looking for a lawyer to handle traffic ticket defense due to an alleged traffic violation in Waldo.

What can you do if you were issued a traffic ticket in Waldo? In every traffic violation case you have three options. First you could just pay the citation, you will receive points on your license, your insurance may increase for years and some states will suspend your license if you were driving fast enough.

Second, if you qualify, you may elect to take traffic school, which will guarantee no points on your license but you will still have to pay the citation in full. A few years ago the Florida legislature removed the discount which used to apply; now you must pay the traffic citation in full when electing traffic school. If you take traffic school, the citation will still appear on your record. You do not qualify to elect school if you have a commercial driver's license or CDL. You may only make the traffic school election once every twelve (12) months and only five (5) times in your lifetime. There are schools online and in person. You may follow the links from my website's resources page. (Of course, I have an interest in the link meaning the company will pay me if you pay them.) You can find links to the Clerk's office on the same resources page cited above. (No, the government does not pay me if you pay them.)  You can find out online when the last time you elected traffic school by following the Driver License Check link from my resources page.

Third, you can hire a traffic ticket lawyer to represent you in court. I practice traffic ticket defense in Gainesville, Ocala, Starke, and the surrounding areas. The court for traffic tickets issued in Waldo, Florida is in Gainesville.

During my interactions with law enforcement officers along the US 301 corridor, including Lawtey, Starke, and Waldo they have divulged that their municipal statistics showed that in any given month, about 90% of people just pay their traffic ticket or elect traffic school which requires payment of the citation. Why do an overwhelming majority of citizens just roll over and pay the traffic ticket?

One reason people pay or take traffic school and pay a traffic citation is that if you elect to take the traffic school you may do so online. Therefore, the school is more convenient than it was even ten years ago. Second, perhaps most people feel that if you fight your traffic ticket you will lose when it is the law enforcement's word against the citizen. Unfortunately this can seem true. What can you do? I say fight your Alachua, Waldo, Lawtey or Starke traffic ticket citation. Make them prove their case. Even in North Florida sometimes the officer does not show. When they do show they sometimes do not have their documents in order.

You should always fight a single car accident case in which you are charged with careless driving. In that instance you are most likely cited with careless driving because there was an accident and for no other reason. In single car accident careless driving citations, you are likely the only witness to the accident.  The State has to prove you guilty, and most of the time the officer or trooper did not witness the accident. If you hire a traffic lawyer, the lawyer goes to court instead of the driver. What evidence can they present? None. If you go on your own, they may ask you questions and you may have to admit you were driving. Hiring a traffic ticket defense lawyer will save you points, and fine and court costs associated with the traffic citation for careless driving because without evidence, the State cannot meet their burden of proof which is beyond a reasonable doubt.

In a speeding ticket case if the officer shows with documents in order, then the speed measuring device result will be presumed accurate. These defenses are difficult; however most of the time an attorney can help you to avoid points and traffic school. If you do not take your shot you will always miss. If you fight your traffic ticket case, you may win.

In short most people do not fight their traffic ticket case. More people should. Contact an attorney by clicking, filling out the form or calling. We handle all traffic matters.

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I received a speeding ticket in Waldo, FL in a supposed school zone. I saw the signs as we approached Waldo and I was very aware of my speed. Near the intersection with Hwy. 301, my speed was 33 in what I thought to be a 35 mph zone. I was pulled over and informed that I had been speeding in a school zone and told that the school zone sign was on a larg bar overhead plus the orange traffic cones were printed with school zone. Are you familiar with that location? Is there actually adequate signage informing of the zone? If so, would there be any chance of defeating the ticket? The amount of the ticket is $394. Is that not a bit excessive?

Sounds like my experience. A supposed school speed zone, which was actually a dangerous situation for drivers and especially for walkers. A school bus parked on each side of the road with their yellow flashers on, tiny orange cones behind them, and a tiny school zone sign attached to one of those cones. Since your watching traffic, waiting and watching for the bus lights to change to flashing red, anyone who steps out from in front of those buses could get hit (a guy & his dog did step out suddenly in front of me). I saw no sign telling me any other speed other then 35 in that very short zone near the playground on rt 24 before the stop sign that become rt 301 north. This supposed school speed zone is so short by the time you see it's a school zone you're out of it. There was no warning sing that a school zone is ahead. The only inkling that your in a school speed zone is on one of the cones in the supposed zone. The guy in front of me was going faster.My speed was below 35. After the cop gave me my ticket, he pulled back into the park to wait for another unsuspecting driver..

My wife just had the same thing happen to her as Mr Grandy. No real warning as you come off of 301 onto 24. She was down to 31 mph but also was hit with the almost 400 dollar ticket for a school zone. I think part of the problem was that she has out of state tags since she is in FL as a travel nurse. I guess we will never be travelling this road again and will spend our vacation dollars in some other state in the future.

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