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I Received a Traffic Ticket, Now What?

You received a traffic ticket for speeding, failure to yield, violation of a traffic control device, careless driving, or some other reason so now what? For some reason many people believe they must pay a citation within 30 days. While that is an option it is not necessarily a requirement.

Within 30 days of receiving the citation you must inform the court whether you want to A) pay the citation and then pay the ticket, B) if you qualify elect to go to school to resolve the citation and still pay the amount on the ticket or C) take the traffic ticket to court. If you hire a traffic attorney you are making the election to fight your traffic citation in court. If you wait past 30 days, you cannot  elect school to resolve your citation, despite what the police may have told you on the roadside.  In addition, if you wait past 30 days, your license may be suspended, though you are able to request a hearing if the citation was issued within180 days.

Be careful when hiring a traffic ticket attorney, ask questions like whether a lawyer will go to court or instead they will just enter a plea of no contest through the mail. If you hire this firm there will be an attorney in court arguing your case. An appearance by the accused is not necessary and can actually hurt the case especially if there is an identity issue, such as a crash case.  If you choose to fight your traffic ticket, your attorney should go to court for you. Ask the question and find out whether an attorney will go to court.

At the hearing, if the officer fails to show then the person wins and the traffic citation case should be dismissed on those grounds. If the officer does appear, then they must prove that the speed measuring device, weather radar, laser, stop watch, or in a pacing stop their speedometer, has been properly maintained and calibrated.  If the officer is missing documentation or there is an error, then the defendant can win on those grounds.

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