Gainesville Bond Law Attorney

A bond forfeiture is a final attempt to ensure that a defendant appears for court. In a forfeiture case, the defendant and his or her bondsman are notified of a hearing by way of a letter sent to the address on the bond. If the defendant fails to appear at the hearing, the state may ask for a bond revocation and for a forfeiture of the bond.

The court will then forfeit the bond and set a hearing. A notice of the hearing must be provided to the bondsman after the defendant has failed to appear in court. At the forfeiture hearing, the court enters a judgment against the bondsman allowing the sheriff to collect the proceeds of the bond.

Ocala Bond Forfeiture Attorney

If you are involved with a Florida case in which the forfeiture process is taking place, it is important to have an attorney involved in the process. It is best to seek the assistance of a bail bond lawyer as soon after the forfeiture as possible, preferably on the day of the arrest. Remember that a corporation or other business entity cannot represent itself but needs to be represented by a lawyer.

Attorney Christian A. Straile, is a Gainesville bond law attorney who will represent you if the defendant you have placed bond for fails to show up in court. Once the defendant is in custody, he can work to try to get the money back. The amount of money remitted goes down over the course of two years, so it is important to get an attorney involved as soon after the forfeiture as possible. Contact the firm today to discuss your case by calling 352-371-9141.