Ocala and Gainesville Violation of Probation Lawyer

When a Florida probation officer alleges that probation has been violated, the judge will typically sign a warrant for the arrest of that individual. Some technical violations are eligible to receive a Notice to Appear or a Summons instead. Depending on the county, a warrant may be “no bond,” which means that without an attorney to help resolve the case or obtain a bond, the probationer could sit in jail for weeks or months until the case is resolved. The judge does not have to give a bond in a Violation of Probation.

Gainesville / Ocala Probation Violation Attorney

The firm handles matters of a Violation of Probation (VOP) whether from a criminal case or a criminal traffic case. The firm defends those accused of violating probation by missing curfew, failing to show up for an appointment, failing a drug screen, failing to pay restitution or committing a new substantive offense.

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There are several ways attorney Christian A. Straile can help in handling a violation of probation case, including:

  • Contacting the State Attorney’s Office and the Probation Officer on behalf of the probationer to request additional time to come into compliance with the terms of probation
  • Filing a “motion to set or reduce bond” or “motion for surrender” allowing you to turn yourself in on the Florida warrant in the courtroom and asking the judge to set a reasonable bond in the case, or maybe even dismiss the allegation and release you.
  • Arranging for surrender with law enforcement on the violation of probation warrant, and representation at the first appearance hearing which can be within a few hours of the surrender to the jail.

Florida Probation Violation Lawyer

A sentence for violating probation, is considered a resentencing; a VOP is considered a separate matter from the crime and not a criminal case. The standard of proof is lower, and the judge can sentence to the maximum allowed by law. Probation violation cases can be technical and having an attorney who is comfortable in the courtroom is important.

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