Asserting Your Rights After A DUI Accident

A driver who is drunk or high on drugs can tear apart your family’s life in an instant. You may have been seriously injured or have lost a close family member to an accident that never should have happened.

At the law firm of Attorney Christian A. Straile, LLC, you will find the litigation skills to hold impaired drivers and their insurance companies accountable for your losses.

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How Can The Firm Help You Make Things Better?

The actions he can take on your behalf will ultimately depend on your particular situation. But there are certain key steps that he will be sure to assist you with. These include:

  • Getting proper medical care: The more serious your injuries, the more important good medical care is. This is true, for example, with brain injuries.
  • Investigating the accident: He is experienced at getting at the facts and using them to build strong cases for his clients.
  • Dealing with insurance adjusters: When you are trying to heal from your injuries, it doesn’t help to have the stress of dealing with insurance adjusters about the accident. He can take this stress off your shoulders by doing this on your behalf.

The driver who injured you may have been way over the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) or have had one or more previous DUI offenses. Attorney Straile will find out what happened and help you pursue compensation for your injuries.

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