Client Reviews

September 2016: Here’s my experience with Attorney Christian Straile’s Legal Services:

Recently, I had a traffic accident and was inaccurately charged with ‘failure to yield’. I was facing the ticket cost, points on my license, a hefty collision deductible & a significant rate hike for my auto insurance. Furthermore, my auto carrier had to pay the costs to repair the other vehicle, which felt like “insult to injury”.

A trusted friend referred me to Mr. Christian Straile, and told me he was very knowledgeable and could assist with my situation. I was doubtful about using such services, but he told me the costs is $79.00, which seemed “to good to be true”. I thought “well, I have everything to gain and nothing to lose”, so I tried Mr. Straile’s legal services.

Mr. Straile not only showed up to the courtroom with me, prepared for my case with the appropriate statutory references to defend me, he represented me in a hearing and got the case dismissed immediately. Furthermore, the hearing he conducted produced & documented the facts to correct the initially error in the liability assessment made by the police. Mr. Straile also showed me how to get a recording of the hearing to submit to my carrier in hopes to set things straight with my insurance company!

Mr. Straile demonstrated a high level of knowledge & expertise, understood the court proceedings and protected my rights and I never had to worry about a thing. The charge for his services were minuscule, compared to the value I received for such high quality legal representation.

Financially I’m well ahead for having hired him, but more importantly my rights were properly defended. I have no points on my license and the charges were completely dismissed.

I would highly recommend his legal services for anyone in need. If you’ve had an accident, you’d be well advised to be standing by his side in the courtroom!

(Alachua County, Florida)